Which Type of Polyethylene Foam Packaging to Protect your Products?

Polyethylene foam packaging is the ideal solution to protect finished products during transport and storage. But as you may already know, there are different types of polyethylene planks which often differ in their density. So, the question is which one you should use to ensure the protection and the sustainability of your goods. Here are the answers.

High Density Polyethylene Foam Packaging

As its name suggests, this packaging solution has a higher density than low density polyethylene foam. Thus, it offers better protection due to thinner films. It also consists of fewer release agents and plasticizers. Sometimes, high density polyethylene is proposed by packaging manufacturers in the form of small food grade bags or larger rolls. Also very present in renovation centers, it may have the appellation of painters plastic. For all manufacturing industries, high density full extruded polyethylene planks is perfect to wrap products with irregular shapes. That is because it is thinner, smoother, and more flexible than low density polyethylene and can better accommodate irregular shapes without creating excessive volume or creases.

Low Density Polyethylene Foam Packaging

Low density polyethylene is the cheapest choice and chemically stable. Although, it may contain talc or other release agents, and the surface may also include an oily residue. It is more adapted to wrap paintings and furniture. To protect a painting, for example, opt for a protective foam with an interlayer material between the polyethylene and the object. To make sure that your goods will stay secure during transport, choose a reliable manufacturer with a good reputation. Do not hesitate to view them online to have a better idea. It is also important to order tailor-made polyethylene foam packaging to ensure optimum protection. It applies for all type of polyethylene foam packaging but especially to low density one.

Aluminum Coated Polyethylene Foam Packaging

What we have here is a packaging solution made of polyethylene foam with aluminum barrier material and coated with nylon glued it. If you manufacture products which are very sensitive to moisture, it is the perfect choice. Indeed, it prevents the penetration of water, gases and pollutants in a highly effective manner. You also can use it to double the interior of the shipping crates, especially if long storage is planned. Moreover, it is adapted to make protective bags for fragile objects or to double interior boxes of double-box packaging. It is more expensive than the two first options but its level of protection is higher.