Small Business

The Business Plan

An adequate supply of capital is essential as many profitable businesses fail because they don’t have enough cash to pay their employees and suppliers. The results of your business tracking will help you to be aware of what is working and when change is needed. You can maximise your chances of success by adopting a continuous and regular business planning cycle that keeps the plan up to date. Grants from private foundations and government agencies are another way to raise startup funds for your small business.

Documenting your thoughts, identifying the market and doing your sums will stand your business in good stead for long term survival and will keep you on track to achieve your goals. Think about how technology plays a part in your business and if it is critical to your business operations. Traditionally business plans have been highly confidential and quite limited in audience. You can also review it once a year to see how much you and your business needs have changed. Go through business plan executive summary samples written by other businessmen to get an insight.

Write the executive summary last: The executive summary can be the most important section of your business plan, because people will read it first and it may be the only section that is read. As you get further along in your business efforts, you will learn more, gain a better understanding of the opportunities and risks, and make other changes. The development of IT systems to help your business is usually an important issue.

The plan is only useful if you use it. Ninety percent of new businesses fail in the first two years. Bear in mind that a business plan prepared for setting up a business is not for ever. If writing and editing aren’t your strong suit, you may want to hire a professional business plan writer, copy editor or proofreader. As the business plan then continues, you can modify the content as and when it’s necessary.

Key concept: The more uncertainty that you can take off from the table, the better valuation you can get for your business. Clicking on each of the templates below will open up a draft for your business that can help you get started. Calon investor atau lembaga keuangan pemberi kredit akan melihat kesiapan calon Entrepreneur dari business plan yang mereka susun.