Due to great strides in communications and transportation, the world is becoming a much smaller place and more homogeneous. The accredited Building Surveying degree at GCU is a practical step towards becoming a chartered building surveyor. In this thesis, Hymer departs from neoclassical theory and opens up a new area of international production. The programme is designed to encourage the development of entrepreneurial skills within the fields of International Business. As a result international business etiquette is a key skill for those wanting to be successful when working abroad. There are no formal requirements for those wishing to study International Business.

International business professionals must develop a life-long commitment to learning about the world, its peoples, and their cultures. Whereas members of the European Union are accustomed to working in different languages and across borders, American business tends to be insular; most companies do not take into account the broader perspective of trade regulations of different governing bodies. Degree Programme in International organizes the 1st phase of its entrance examination on the Internet.

Through the combination of topics covered in the program, you will acquire a deep and integrated understanding of how international firms and other organizations function, how to navigate them to achieve results, and, last but not least, how to improve them and the things they do. By studying international business you will understand how this has come about, and what it means for today’s business world.

Candidates who have a bachelor’s degree in business but who have not achieved a result of B+ or better in the final two years of their degree may be required to write the GMAT and achieve a minimum overall score of 600. Are based on innovative learning environments including Problem Based Learning and Coaching: you will work in international groups on real-life cases and finally present group solutions to real-life companies. There is an increasing amount of demand for business people with an education in International Business.

Our Business School exchange programme offers exciting opportunities to study abroad in Year 3 at one of our partner universities in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, the USA or across Europe. This course offers excellent scope for any student wanting to learn how international business plays a vital role in business. Taking electives in these fields will provide you with an even better educational background as you begin your international business career. The course will equip you with the understanding of accounting, finance, culture, marketing, logistics and operations within an international business and how these impact the real-world.