Rare old coins worth collecting for in the US

If you can only live in the past, then you can fully understand the history. A coin collector would surely be very much interested in reading facts as well as essential information about every coin that they have. A serious collector will not only pay attention on gathering coins. Every secret, unknown facts or figures and published information about a coin would be appreciated. It is because this discovered knowledge is also a part of what you had been collecting. And then, through this, you will understand and appreciate more whatever old coin is in your collection right now.

History defines you and so are the coins that is in your hands. Therefore, whatever old gold coins or even silver coins or bars that a collector has been protecting has a story to tell. I know that you go to different auctions and dealers to find a coin. Why don’t you try asking the people, who are in-charged there for stories or facts about what they are dealing with? Pretty sure that they can provide you important information that would help you decide to buy that coin.

Can’t you see that when you have someday decided to sell your old coins, then you can be a dealer, too? You may not have enough experience as a dealer, but you can use the information that you know as a good marketing strategy. This is needed, especially when you are selling coins that are rarely collected. You know very well that when it comes to rare coins any marketing strategy is not necessary. So, if you would like to know what rare US coins to collect, then we have here a few for you to know.

Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle of 1933

In 1933, President Roosevelt ordered to discontinue the use of gold. This was even after producing 445,500 copies of the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle in Philadelphia. But, because of the order, the specimens of the 20 dollar old gold coins were destroyed. Fortunately, 2 specimens were spared and presented to the National Numismatic Collection of US. And then, there was also a rumor that 20 species was smuggled before undergoing the melting process.

In 1944, the smuggling was found out. Luckily, they were able to recover 19 specimens. The government kept the 10 copies, while the 9 copies were destroyed. But, in 1944, King Farouq from the kingdom of Egypt, bought 1 specimen. This coin was lost and later on reaching the US government in 2001. It was then auctioned and sold for 7.59 million USD.

Copper Penny of 1943

This copper wheat penny is indeed the rarest among the Lincoln series of coins. In 1943, there were 40 specimens struck, but met an error while transferring the coin to steel banks. Actually, they were able to discover the error after the World War II. Today, it was confirmed that there were 12 specimens existing.

Later on, there were counterfeit specimens created. So, I suggest you to be very cautious when it comes to the authenticity of this old coin. Remember that it was copper plated, which means that it is highly magnetic. In 2004, a specimen was sold with 200,000 worth of USD. Now, it has even reached an average value that costs 60,000 USD. Click this to learn more about this penny.

Liberty Head Nickel of 1913

Another rare and really expensive coin that you would surely want to have is the Liberty Head Nickel. Do you know this five centavo coin specimen was struck and minted without the approval? This must be the reason why there were only limited specimens made.

You would be very lucky to have one of this specimen because there were only 5 copies ever produced. In 2010, it was auctioned and sold for over 3.7 million USD at the Heritage Auctions.

Flowing Hair Silver Dollar of 1794

Who will even think that a specimen of the Flowing Hair Silver Dollar was even sold for 10 million USD? This only shows that it is indeed rare to find because it is really expensive, even if it was made of silver and not gold.

It was this dollar coin, which was the very first that was issued by the federal government of the US. It was minted in 1974 – 1975. But, the drape bust dollar replaced it in 1795.