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Focusing On International Business

One lesson I learned from the group project was that when one is working in a group with a decent number of people problems will arise. As Hoskinsson, et al. (2008) explained, franchising and other international cooperative strategies allow geographic diversification and promote firm growth of the company because sometimes they can be more attractive than mergers or acquisitions because they require fewer resources commitments and permit greater strategic flexibility. Sorry, no International business programs are currently available for local applicants.

KAMK students now have an opportunity to take a double degree at CULC or continue the studies there towards a Master’s degree after finishing the Bachelor’s degree at KAMK The Master’s degree takes one year to complete. After graduation, it is expected that a significant number of students will pursue the Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) designation indicating their commitment to the new profession of international trade. Careers in global business requires the ability to maneuver in complex business situations. This will include focusing on different regions and contexts, with reference to the opportunities that are emerging within global business.

MATH128 prepares students for MATH119, which is a required course for most School of Business Diploma programs. In order to compete in an international marketplace, Americans must study harder than their counterparts around the world-and do so continually. All will believe the way they are communicating is fine, but when transferred into an international context this no longer applies.

International Business Simulation: Students move beyond theory to the application of business principles when placed in a variety of challenging workplace scenarios. Not only are there internal pressures to perform, but the business environment is coming under increasing scrutiny to adhere to ethically and socially responsible business practices and managerial ethics. Studying for a degree such as international business is a recognised route to a graduate career in business, management, finance and marketing. Dual Degree pathway – Option to get a BA in International Business & a BBA in International Business from Kedge Business School (France).

Qualifying people for taking over responsibilities as managing professionals in social and business life is the aim members of our institution are sharing in our strive towards a continuously improving academic education. Designed to provide a strong academic background for transfer to a four-year college or university, this program combines specialized courses in international business with courses in the humanities, social sciences, science, mathematics, and traditional business courses. It will encourage your interest in international business, develop your awareness of cultural difference and cross-cultural communication.