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I understand that by submitting this form, I consent to be contacted by email, phone, text message or any other form of communication by CDI College. The International Business Management graduate certificate can also prepare students to pursue three industry designations/certifications in addition to the George Brown College graduate certificate if they choose to do so. These industry designations/certifications require additional exams and/or related work experience to qualify. It is concerned with marketing functions of an organisation and seeks to develop awareness and understanding of marketing as an integrated business activity. Newcastle University Business School has excellent links with industry and professional bodies, providing you with exposure to future employers.

B.Liaison group: Some business organizations prefer to hire outside professionals or agencies to act as a third party mediator or arbiter on behalf of the company. You will learn about the workings of supply chains and will also learn how to analyse effectively how the operational functions of a business can be optimised. You will study Strategic Management and Business Research Methods II: Applications and Analysis. Project Management is of paramount importance to all organizations to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

This unique and innovative programme provides a combination of theoretical ideas and practical techniques which gives a thorough grounding for a variety of careers in a range of management functions such as marketing and human resource management, as well as in general management. Purpose: This module is primarily intended for members in the explosives industries who are in the middle to senior management position in the police, military, labour, health and safety and commercial industry. If company didn’t have the disciplines, it would be different to run the business.

Students have access to a wide range of resources including textbooks, publications, and computers in the University’s library and via online resources. As such, knowledge management identifies people working for the organization, and procedures and information systems that drive people’s actions. Hardware and software specifications required by your program are outlined at Mobile devices/laptops and supplies can be purchased directly from Algonquin`s New Technology Store at educational rates. Lastly, matrix structure was also defined, it is actually nothing but project management.

Student teams are progressively led through major decisions including human resources through to strategy as they manage their own virtual company. As a result, on embarking upon your career, you should be a skilled, informed practitioner able to deliver demonstrable value to your business and its stakeholders, and to differentiate yourself positively within a competitive employment market. With so many options, Northumbria University’s BA (Hons) Business Management is the most flexible of Newcastle Business School’s four-year undergraduate degrees.