Small Business

An Overview Of SBA Borrowings For Small Businesses

The US Small Business Administration is an independent federal agency that works to assist and protect the interests of American small businesses. Going to a lender for a SBA loan is especially valuable for business owners seeking loans who may not have collateral required with typical commercial loans. Business owners that are in a disaster area may also be eligible for financial assistance from the U.S. Small Business Administration. Your entire product cycle becomes self-sufficient and one financial strain on your business has been eradicated. The bank and its client (small business) negotiate the terms within the parameters described in the following paragraphs.

As your Business Advisor I provide confidential discussions and resources to help you to make a better informed business decisions. Generally, any business eligible under the SBA’s regular guaranty program will be eligible. In addition to educational events offered on the SBA’s website, local offices also provide more personalized special events for small business owners.

The government will guarantee your loan, if anything happens to your business and you default, the SBA guarantees that they will pay the loan off for you. Working with the government doesn’t mean that your business has to be right next to the Naval Yard that needs a new refrigerator. One reason a business sale is difficult to finance is the seller does not provide a good set of financials that prove the business value to a lender.

In this particular case, the democratic-controlled Congress pushed back, yet certain segments of the fiscal budget resulted in the Small Business Administration having its funds reduced in 2004, while going under the guise of fiscal budgetary concerns. However, these loans can only be used for commercial purposes such as paying off debts, as working capital, purchasing equipment for business, or building or buying real estate. The purpose is to offer a degree designed for mid-career professionals who desire a comprehensive understanding of administration and seek to strengthen and update their administration skills. Your tech team must be able to create and implement a plan for disaster recover.

The Small Business Administration is comprised of local offices, regional offices, disaster center offices, and headquarter offices located in Washington, DC. A few of SBA’s offices are listed below, but be sure to check out their organizational structure to learn more about all offices and subcomponents. Currently, it provides direct loans for fisheries sector, rural development, and for small businesses. If a business is classified as an 8 (a) business, it is automatically SDB certified.