The Role Of IT In Business Intelligence

How can you make the right and most efficient decision when identifying better solutions to improve on and apply to the overall performance of your organization? Have a clear picture from the start of what you want to get from BI, and how you plan to get there, and your chances of getting real value from Business Intelligence multiply greatly. Bottom line: From my years of studying successes and failures in business intelligence governance, I recommend that organizations first evaluate how their various stakeholders might use, and could benefit from, the information the data yields.

The ETL tools of today that are very centralized and multi user based, enable people to change the data and document the processing they’re doing as they build it, it’s a rapid development tool, so if your business is very complex and quickly evolving over time, an ETL tool would be recommended. But another participant commented that there is currently no easy way to transform and load small amounts of data into self-service tools.

Most of the heavy lifting in business intelligence is done by business analysts.” In the past the term business analyst referred to someone who would analyze the systems and processes in place at a business and suggest changes. It’s the time for PO to quickly check if the development is happening as per requirements, it’s the time for the Architect to quickly check if the coding standards and framework is followed, it’s the time for QE to see if there are any gaps, in general it’s the time for all Team members to align on the progress of a deliverable. The responsibilities of the business analyst role have begun to change recently however.

Check out these live Business Intelligence demos for examples of reports, charts, scorecards and dashboards that satisfy diverse end user requirements on both mobile devices and desktop computers. Kimball suggests implementing a function on the Business Intelligence portal website where reports on system usage can be found. The best business sponsor should have organizational clout and should be well connected within the organization.

Dot com boom did the last finish and we are now enjoying the beauty of business Intelligence everywhere. We were asked to use same tools that another larger Team (X) was using or will use in the future and also follow the same code framework for PDI developed by X. So we had major dependencies on Team X but unfortunately we were at the bottom or not in the list of priorities for X.