BSc In International Business

Freight forwarding in Finland is able to benefit from an effective transport infrastructure that consolidates its strategic position as a gateway for international freight to Russia and the Baltic. Keeping the above points in mind, now consider the complexities of working on the international stage. United Technologies Corporation is America’s 20th largest manufacturer and the 43rd largest US Corporation according to Fortune 500 list (2006) with 215,000 employees. The other module examines business strategy and how businesses make long-term management decisions.

The students will participate in real-life business projects and also in arranging different kinds of events within different courses. Upon completion of the required 210 credits within three and a half years, graduates are awarded a Bachelor of Business Administration. It is essential that in your base of education when studying for a business management degree, those social and ethical responsibilities are incorporated into the education. And having a proven track record in business at home will help you get your foot in the door with companies doing business internationally.

This degree will enable you to work across many fields of international business including marketing, finance and human resources. International banking is a field with great job prospects because of emerging international markets. The studies emphasise the framework and strategies of international business, international marketing and digital environment, international management and communication skills.

This provides a great opportunity to learn about a different culture, gain insight into different business environments and practices, and form new contacts. Just as you may have felt annoyed when a foreign businessman did not shake your hands upon greeting you, imagine how your Chinese client must have felt when you wrote on his business card or your Indian colleague reacted when you flatly rejected an offer of a meal. Survival of American companies is dependent on the ability to expand into new markets, and to do this they must be open to change and to learning the needs and wants of their international customers.

Although there is an implicit presumption that international expansion equals a large franchise network which equals large budgets (Simpkin, 2010), small and medium size companies are accessing new markets because of conditions such us saturation of home market and good growth expectations abroad. The content of the degree programme provides an up-to-date understanding of modern management theory. Carefully assess buying terms before signing any contract, knowing that standard international purchasing terms vary considerably by country and shipper.