36527 Business Development Jobs

Lead Generation, Market Research, relationship management skills, strong communication skills. A business developer views the business deal transaction as an Exchange rather than a sale, by identifying the customer different needs and offering solutions that satisfy this need, any good business developer is a natural problem solver, any great business developer on the other hand is able to persuade the customer that this is the right solution and that it justifies why the customer would pay this amount of money to get in exchange.

In terms of education, almost any person regardless of the background can become a business developer, if you do a quick search over LinkedIn you will find that the most talented Business Development Professionals have an MBA degree, MBA graduates make excellent Business Developers as they understand how the business operates as a whole, they have knowledge in HR, Marketing, Accounting, Strategic Management, Project Management, Logistics, Business Planning and much more.

During the interview, you should always look to identify if the candidate looks for the full or empty half of the glass, candidates who think in a positive manner are more likely to succeed at work than negative employees, the last thing you want is a negative business developer among your team, with time, his negativity will spread to others around like a disease and can lead to demotivating the team members.

If you are reading this and identified a negative business developer among your team or identified a negative employee among your staff, take my advice, let him go, he is probably better off somewhere else, if you cannot let him go, try to isolate him as much as possible from interacting with other team members, his negativity will spread to others around him like a disease.

As the new vice president for business and finance, Rikel will oversee the University’s physical facilities and contract management along with supervising the Accounting and Business Office, Budget Office, Buff Gold Card Office, Human Resources, Post Office, Purchasing and Inventory Services, Risk Management, University Bookstore and the University Police Department.