What Makes A Hotel Luxurious?

Depending on the reasoning for their trip, hotel guests will have varying expectations when it comes to their stay. A family, for example, may want rooms that interconnect – giving everyone the space they need, but ensuring children aren’t too far away – whilst couples will want a more relaxing space. All hotel guests will look at different hotels before making their final choice, and there will be a number of different things that they look for beforehand.

When it comes to luxury hotels, knowing what their guests may be looking for in their search for a hotel is absolutely essential to ensuring guests continue to book. These factors are amongst the reason why luxury hotel stays are on the increase and why more and more guests continue to return to stay at more luxurious hotels. But, what exactly makes a hotel luxurious? Let’s take a look in this article.

Reliable Communication

With luxury hotels, one of their biggest markets is to attract guests who might be celebrating a special occasion. They might have questions about how they can make their stay more memorable, or want to get in touch with special requests. Luxury hotels all tend to work hard in ensuring that their communication channels are reliable and easy to find.

They know that guests who are searching for information will likely just get in touch directly, meaning that there are often many forms of communication available, such as call, email or web chat. Guests at luxury hotels want to feel special, rather than just a quick turnover room number.

Modern Interior Design

Any one can find a hotel room that provide a place to sleep, but with luxury hotels, rooms are so much more than just a place to lay your head. Designed using modern interior design, hotel rooms really focus on the luxury as the owners know that when staying in a luxurious hotel, guests will be expecting so much more.

Classic colour tones, such as monochromes or muted creams are often the colour of choice for hotel rooms, but these are often matched with high end tech, sleek and plush soft decor and furnishing and one of a kind artwork in the rooms. With luxury hotels, you’re unlikely to find the “copy and paste” appearance that you find so frequently in other hotel types. Luxury hotel brands and chains undergoing room and commercial fit outs will likely use the scope of modern interior design, as they know that will work well with their guests.

Built For Purpose

In a luxury hotel, you will unlikely find an area of the hotel that is being underutilised. When it comes to design, hotel designers and architects will focus on making the absolute most out of each area of the hotel. There will not be a part of a luxury hotel that hasn’t been considered, whether in the design and decor or the guest experience. Wider corridors so guests feel more spread out, rather than cramped, direct access from different areas of the hotel, such as from the bars to restaurants and facilities such as spas and gyms well thought out and designed – all these things will be for a reason. Much like an office fit out, which changes when the business changes, when the space no longer works for the hotel or for the guests, luxury hotels will likely undergo a refurbishment.