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This program trains students to develop analytical and effective communication skills within the framework of a strong liberal arts curriculum. The module aims to provide you with a detailed understanding of the nature of knowledge, the role of Knowledge Management (KM) within different kinds of organisations and the various technologies that can facilitate Knowledge Management and benefit the organisation’s performance as well. This course builds on Sussex’s strong foundation of interdisciplinary study – it is taught jointly by the Department of Engineering and Design and the Department of Business and Management. The degree prepares you for a career in business giving graduates a wide range of options.

A. I want one single software program installed on a computer that will provide point of sale function and administration for restaurant, retail, salon/spa, hotel, etc. Learn about the inner workings of Canada’s dynamic business scene, and develop the critical expertise to ignite your career within it. Humber’s Business Management diploma program gets down to business with a practical, skills-based approach that teaches you everything you need to know to achieve your goals and make a difference in organizations. After six years, I moved into surgery center management for both private and physician-owned facilities. I have 20-plus years in entrepreneurship, pharmaceutical sales, and management.

Mechanistic structures consist high degree of specialisation and works with centralised decision making and is found in tall structures while in organic structures individuals work together to solve a problems, coordination and fewer rules are required and is found in flatter structures. Whether you opt for a year abroad, or a short summer school at one of our many partner institutions, you’ll gain a new perspective on how business works across the world, and will study modules relevant to your interests.

While studying on this course you’ll gain membership to CMI and will be able access its facilities, attend events, join a mentoring scheme and access over 200,000 live management job postings. We will help you to develop employability skills and understand the industries you may be interested in working in from year one, and get involved in business challenges with your peers. The course provided high-quality interactive learning, modern subject areas and a great platform for a career at GE. The Consultancy Project allowed us to interact on a professional level, solving real business problems with real solutions.

On completing the module you will be able to select and apply the appropriate business techniques to support business problem solving in a variety of situations. This is a great opportunity to boost your CV, as it shows experience of different cultures and methods of working, which indicates you are ready for working in a global business environment. The third and final component is designed to introduce students to considerations for living online.