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Choose the right lamination for postcards

Connecting with customers is key to growing a business. People are creatures of habit and tend to be loyal to companies that offer many benefits and great value in products or services. Reaching out and connecting with customers can be difficult, especially when it comes to deciding which marketing strategy is best.

A laminated postcard is an extension of a business. It reflects the value that a business offers to its customers. Therefore, it is important that the mailer that is sent to the customers reflects the quality, the theme, and the message that the sender (the company) hopes to convey.

Choosing the right lamination for a postcard is key to conveying the message that the company takes its customers seriously, and values them.

Which lamination works best for postcards

Postcards sent via mail have a few moments to grab the attention of the customer. These postcards get handled in the delivery process. It is important to select the right lamination to ensure that the postcard is received in the order that it was sent in. 

Postcards require a soft, velvety feel as they are touched often. The right lamination will ensure that the postcard is soft on the non-address side. Use a UV coating to give the postcard a high-gloss finish that will grab the attention of the reader.

A study revealed that 66% of direct marketers make use of direct mail as part of their marketing campaign. And, 63% of respondents in a study indicated that direct to consumer brands invested in direct marketing.