Business Marketing

BS In Business Management (Entrepreneurial Management Emphasis)

Often inspired and drawn are capable managers of the potential of the individual advancement rather than substantial compensation. Even if a lot of implementing activities are successful, business document management isn’t used very frequently, or everywhere. You’ll be able to create and manage your own enterprise, or help your family business grow and innovate. First thing you have to keep in mind while writing a business letter is that the length of business letter must be short so that it may be easy to scan and read it thoroughly. Successful Management & Leadership can make a huge difference to the well-being and thus the performance of an individual.

Aims at developing understanding of the methodologies and methods appropriate to conducting research in Business Management and develops the student’s ability to write a robust dissertation research proposal. Explores the development and application of management and organisational theories over time with the aim of enhancing students’ appreciation of business management and organisational knowledge and skills needed for practice. The year complements but does not duplicate the content of the Business Studies A level.

The learner researches the viability of a business idea and plans the implementation of this viable business idea. Develop and present a comprehensive business plan, including all financial, marketing, operational, and legal aspects of the business. However, if the standard procedure is to interview candidates, this is specified in the degree programme entrance requirements.

In addition, as a BSc Business Management student, you’ll have the opportunity to do a short placement with a local firm to gain practical experience. They are partnered with a select number of business schools around the world, with Cass being one of them. Regular opportunities to engage with highly respected and successful business people through employability events. The executive summary of the business plan must contain brief information about your entire business plan.

It develops underpinning competencies in management accounting and builds on topics introduced in the first year. It gives them the confidence to know that behind the certificate there is an organisation that is aware of its environmental responsibilities and is doing everything it can to minimise any adverse impact. Personal relations: Through the application of coordination, management creates good and excellent human relations.