5 Tips for Choosing Quality VPS

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a service that rents virtual servers. The advantage of VPS servers compared to ordinary web hosting is the freedom in determining the operating system and platform. So that will provide optimization in the management of your website. Currently, many website administrators are looking for quality VPS to support their website.

Lots of VPS are offered; it is certainly confusing. On the other hand, they provide at low prices, but some offer at high prices. Which is the most appropriate choice? How to choose a VPS that is cheap but still of high quality? Consider the following tips before deciding to buy a VPS.

Consider Resources and Technology

In choosing web hosting and VPS, there is one thing in common that must be considered, namely features and technology. Make sure that the VPS service you want uses new technology. This will make it easier for you to manage your website. VPS that uses the latest technology is generally equipped with several monitoring features on CPU, DISK SPACE, RAM, Inode. Also, make sure the VPS has panels for remote such as shutdown, reboot, reinstall, etc. Of course, this is very important because if there are obstacles on the website or server, you can justify it through the console or reboot. This will be useful in managing and managing the server.

Also, make sure they have many facilities such as affordable cloud services, VPS / VDS, SSL, free DNS, and so on. If you are looking for a cheap and high-quality VPS server, you can visit the serverspace.io.

Choose a VPS according to Visitor Needs.

When choosing a VPS for the website you are building, you should consider your website’s visitors. For example, if the site that you manage is a business travel website, it’s clear that local people will dominate your website visitors who are prospective clients. To that end, a VPS that is reasonably suitable for sites with niche travel is a local VPS.

Calculate Bandwidth and Server Speed

To reduce additional costs on VPS because the bandwidth exceeds the limit, you must be calculated to estimate the bandwidth that will be used.

Hardware Quality

VPS server selection can be seen from the performance of the hardware. The better the hardware, the faster the performance of the VPS (Virtual Private Server) server. For that, adjust as needed.

Data Security

To ensure data security, you should ask for the details of the virtualization used. Is it OpenVZ, XEN, KVM, or others. Most website managers prefer to use VZCTL ENTER VID. Also, even though cheap VPS tends to be risky with poor quality, that doesn’t mean you have to choose high-priced VPS. It would help if you made a wise price comparison between one VPS provider and another VPS provider.