Understanding International Business

My first business meeting in a country where English was not the native tongue was in Germany. One of our new priority areas is business development and information analysis, in which we collaborate extensively with Åbo Akademi University. This is why it is important to get the necessary training at a high performing tertiary organisation that has a proven and successful background in delivering internationally recognised and revered business management degrees. Our international business degree is your passport to a career in the global economy, equipping you to work anywhere in the world.

As the Queen’s Master of International Business is a pre-experience program, candidates are not required to possess work experience, however we have many successful applicants each year who possess full-time post-graduate work experience. Students form consulting teams to serve nonprofit organizations by applying business concepts and skills to mutually agreed-upon projects. I appreciated the high quality of teaching at the Business School and the friendly environment where different cultures were really integrated.

The programme is structured around a broad and flexible curriculum with subject choices that will help you to understand how business decisions are undertaken in a globalised world shaped by political, social and legal issues. A business can thrive and grow at a great rate within its native area with the help of an effective and high quality marketing campaign, but in order to successfully carry their message overseas, the use of a translation company is a must. Globalisation, technology and social trends are changing the way business is done.

Undergraduates can earn a bachelor’s degree in international business, but most upper-level international management positions require an MBA or master’s degree. Whether your career aspirations lie with government departments, consultancy firms, small and medium-sized enterprises or large multinational enterprises this course will give you a vital understanding of the challenges, opportunities and processes of international business. I work as a consultant on international business and have dealt with many businesses operating internationally.

If you are proficient in a language without college credit, you should include this information in your Statement of Purpose. In addition, oral and written English communication courses are part of the curriculum, in order to improve your mastery of the language for business purposes. By your final year, you will be able to systematically and creatively apply knowledge of theory and practice to resolving international business problems.