Tips for Choosing Unique Gifts for Weddings

Marriage is a happy moment for everyone. Even the happiness is not only felt by the bride and groom and their families, but we as friends or friends also drift away in that feeling of happiness.

That’s why usually, when attending a friend’s or best friend’s wedding, we always want to give the best gift or present on that auspicious day. But with so many choices of goods, it makes us even more confused in choosing what items we will present as the most beautiful gifts.

Here are tips for choosing a unique gift for a memorable wedding

Items used for sleeping

Items used to sleep are quite effective and memorable to give a feeling of happiness for newly married couples. These items can be in the form of bed linen, blankets, unique and cute pillows that can be found in doll shops, night lamps, sleeping sandals, nightgowns to air freshener and even aromatherapy candles which will definitely be used.

Kitchen set

What is called a kitchen utensil here does not mean it has to be a pan, a frying pan or a mortar, it can be in the form of a beautiful jar, a unique cake mold, or a mixer for the bride and groom who loves to cook. For brides who can’t cook, don’t be confused, just give them a unique recipe or napkin that will always be used.

Makeup tools

Newlyweds will always want to look their best in front of their new partner, for that we as friends or friends can help by giving an item that will support the appearance of our best friend. We can provide items such as a vise, hair dryer, roll, cosmetic holder, to beautiful hair clips.


It’s not wrong for us to give things that are quite expensive for our friends and best friends. Jewelry does not mean it has to be expensive gold, we can give jewelry in the form of watches, silver earrings, necklaces made of silver, plastic and other beautiful knick-knacks.

Voucher or ticket

Honeymoon is a tradition that many people do after getting married by traveling and even enjoying holidays abroad. There’s nothing wrong with giving gifts in the form of shopping vouchers, travel tickets, hotel tickets, to tourist entrance tickets which of course will be remembered by your friends and will increase your happiness because you give gifts that coincide with the honeymoon moment.

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