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What started as high-profile watch and jewellery brands establishing ‘Flagship’ shops – purported to assist independent stockists – has, in some circumstances, morphed into full-on competitors. To that end, fine jewellery retailers have demonstrated an adaptability and buoyancy over the past decade that was not solely unexpected, however should be celebrated given the present occasions. At the time of the second sale, industry pundits questioned the logic of an Indian jewellery manufacturer operating continued an Australian-based retail chain, which then accounted for 102 Zamels and 27 Mazzucchelli’s stores. In 2010 Zamels was Australia’s third-largest jewellery chain with one hundred retail shops; nevertheless, by June 2020, a whopping sixty three Zamels stores had closed. During the identical interval The Jewellery Group additionally closed two single retailer ‘brands’, Vivien’s and Budgens.

How Sonal Narang, Creative Head, Hazoorilal Legacy, Took The Brand Online

“The diamond enterprise is changing quick,” IDE President Shmuel Schnitzer …