Images News: Canon Lens Rumors, Tycho Crater Up Shut

The warfare in Ukraine leaves no room for making light of the situation. Still, an interesting publish appeared on the Military Force Ukraine Twitter account. As a wildlife photographer, I generally Photograpy News camouflage myself within the field. But compared to Ukrainian snipers, I am very, very poor at this.

  • However, the journey from passion to profession isn’t as idyllic because it appears, presenting a singular set of challenges which are often ignored in the glamorous portrayals of the photography enterprise.
  • If this leads to too much blur, attempt transferring farther away and crop the shot to a tighter composition later.
  • Autumn was once my favourite season because of the kaleidoscope of wonderful colors, however I’m switching allegiance to summer season.
  • Used to be lots of cameras, especially compacts, however everyone knows what happened to that market segment.

His witty, light and superbly observed images propelled Erwitt to turn out …