International Business With A Modern Language

The Master of Science in International Business (MIB) builds a solid basis for future career in the business field. You will be able to demonstrate your abilities in a dissertation focusing on a particular area of international business that interests you. You could either be working in a domestic banking institution with foreign accounts, or a foreign-owned institution which is licensed to do business in your country. You will choose a minimum of three courses in international business or strategy, or an international business oriented dissertation and one international business designated course. Your second year allows you build your degree depending on your interests and career aspirations.

The International Business Management graduate certificate can also prepare students to pursue three industry designations/certifications in addition to the George Brown College graduate certificate if they choose to do so. These industry designations/certifications require additional exams and/or related work experience to qualify. You will study Business Research Methods I: Introduction to Data Analysis; International Business and Career Development Planning. This program provides students with a multi-dimensional and applied-learning perspective, allowing graduates to successfully navigate a globally competitive business world.

Another advanced degree option is the Master in International Management (MIM), which focuses almost exclusively on issues related to international business. A survey conducted by Thomas Patrick from University of Notre Dame concluded that Bachelor’s degree holders and Master’s degree holders felt that the training received through education were very practical in the working environment.

Unlike the standard MBA which is insufficiently international or globalizes functionally oriented curricula, this programme ensures that graduates not only understand how companies operate, but also the complex context in which they operate. It will develop your knowledge and understanding of international business while preparing you for a business career with management potential.

Students may exit with a Bachelor of Arts degree at the end of year three of the Honours programme if they have accumulated at least 360 credits and satisfied the appropriate specialisation requirements. In a world without religion where everyone would be trying to get immediate satisfaction of their individual needs, meaning that all cultures would be individualist as they measure success in terms of their job and wealth and they are always aiming for a higher salary and position in the organizational hierarchy as a reward for their performance. This program will prepare you to meet the needs of the ever-evolving business community.