International Business MSc

The Bachelor’s degree programme in International Business prepares you for a management position in an international environment. In order for a business to not only grow, but gain success at a more global scale, it requires an effective and coherent marketing campaign which will not only aid in getting their business ideas across to a new clientele; but also help gain valuable business leads. Another reason for keeping up to date with changes in the environment is that a business firm’s operational effectiveness can be jeopardised by not paying heed to such changes.

In an effort to prepare students for the professional marketplace, the Business Administration Division has adopted a laptop computer and software requirement for incoming students. Please note that these are considered the minimum admission requirements for both the single-degree and all double degree options. For example in the Arab world you would never give or receive a business card with your left hand.

You will gain competence in international business with the focus on Marketing Logistics, Distribution Management, Business Analysis and Service Design. These professionals generally specialize in specific areas of business such as technology, management, banking, law, media, or education. You develop an understanding of international business, focusing on economic, political and cultural perspectives and the operation of businesses across boundaries. You will combine courses in Business Management with courses in Sociology, Economics and Law.

Graduates with international experience are increasingly sought by employers because they gain highly valuable skill sets living and studying in a different country. A Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) prepares graduates to lead, consult and teach in corporate and academic arenas. Business people with an education in International Business also had a significantly higher chance of being sent abroad to work under the international operations of a firm. This is one business area where a comprehensive, high level of education is crucial-even for entry-level positions.

You can study International Business and Trade in Mechelen, a beautiful old city between Brussels and Antwerp, close to the European institutions, and a stone’s throw from the capital with all its multinationals and from the port of Antwerp. The item-by-item balance sheet approach to expatriate compensation, with no incentive for choosing less expensive lifestyle components, is the underlying reason most Americans live better abroad than they could on an equal salary at home.