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International Business Degree

This program provides general foundational business knowledge as well as specialized international business training. Examples are International Business, Business in the European Union, Contemporary Issues in International Business, EU Economic and Funding Policies, International Management and International Business Law. Producing an international business plan for a real company that could be implemented in the real world was an amazing experience. During the second half of the year you will study modules on Global and International Business Strategy, and International Business and Emerging Markets, enabling you to develop an extensive knowledge of international business.

As the number of places at each institution varies from year to year, you’ll need to be flexible about where you go. The exact subjects you study will depend on where you go but are compatible with the Business Management and the Business Communications degrees. Since this major attracts many students from abroad, it provides students with an opportunity to develop multicultural sensitivity and international contacts.

Master’s degree program tuition at in-state public institutions costs an average of $8,225 per year, and doctorate program tuition costs $10,354 per year at in-state public institutions. In an online MBA program specializing in international business, international finances, accounting, management, business policies, and marketing strategies will be covered. As a student in this program, you may also have the opportunity to travel/study internationally and network in international arenas. In particular, you may combine your study of business with a modern language throughout the four years of your degree. George Brown College is continually striving to improve its programs and their delivery.

Tell us a little about yourself and we’ll connect you with schools that offer international business degree programs. You’ll study business classes taught in your language of specialisation and language classes taught in your language of specialisation. Bachelor or equivalent degree with a major field of studies in economic sciences with a strong international reference.

By analyzing financials, internal and external environments, strategies, and operations of global companies, students make decisions on which international markets to enter, strategies to grow the business, and how to combat global competitive pressure. You will learn from experts in their fields who will teach you about business techniques and current thinking in business-related subjects.