Everything you need to know about search engine advertising

A smart business invests in SEO as well as SEM to ensure the traffic grows organically to their website. Considering only SEO will take time and only SEM will burn a hole in the pockets without enjoying many perks. Search engine advertising comes in one of the SEM categories.

What is search engine advertising?

Also popularly known as internet search or online search advertising, this advertising allows you to display paid ads on the search results of any search engine platform. Every platform has its way of showcasing the ads.

While Bing and Yahoo showcase the ads above, below, or next to organic search results, Google only displays it above and below. Every ad comes with a headline, a URL and description text. You need to ensure to use trending keywords so you will appear first as soon as one performs a search.

The text in heading and description should be precise and clear. It is ideal to mention the key information in the description.

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The mechanism of search engine’s advertising

Coming on top of a search results page is not an easy task even if you wish to buy the space. Because there are multiple businesses that simultaneously bid for the same space. Then how does the search engine decide who wins the bid? Unlike traditional bidding where the highest bidder wins the prize, here there are various factors search engine considers before deciding to choose you!

Firstly, you need to be cautious about which keyword you’re choosing to bid on. Ensure that it brings you quality traffic to your website when people search for the term online. Now, many people think it to be costly affair because they assume the search engine charges high amount for keeping the advertisement on the page.

However, that is not the case. You will be charged only when some person clicks on your link. Other factors that effect a bid are your website’s quality score. The score includes,

  • Past performance of a website
  • Click through rate
  • Advertisement relevancy
  • Landing page experience
  • Quality keywords

When all of these are in check. You will win the bid despite choosing a smaller amount value.

Why should you choose this marketing strategy?

Quick results

Search advertising campaign is helpful for the businesses that needs immediate attention from the clients to improve their businesses. It can also be included in long term goals too but – this strategy fetches great results in a short time.

Brand’s visibility

The higher your rank is in the bid, the greater exposure your brand gets in the market. The more people watch your ads, the more likely they remember. This is a smart technique to create your brand without having to shell tons of money and efforts into advertising. However, you need to be relevant and creative.

Real time analysis

Search advertising is a powerful tool to help you analyze how your business does online. It also offers in-depth insights that helps you make informative changes either immediately or in the future. Scrutinizing aspects like conversion rate, cost per conversion, CPC, time spent on the page and other demographical information, etc.

Final thoughts

In this digital age, everyone precisely knows what they’re looking for. So, they search for the exact terms. Since half the job is done here, all you need to do is figure out the keywords that describes your product or service best and advertise in the market accordingly. When done right, you will fetch good results. This is what search engine advertising all about!