Business Plan

Business Ethics Summary

Accenture takes very seriously its code of business ethics, corporate governance and compliance, and transparency of operations. Next, I’ll give your recommendations for building an ethical framework for your business, including roles and responsibilities, then I’ll give you hints and tips for establishing expectations for ethical behavior in your business. The application of business ethics is beyond domestic corporations and individuals, it also applies to multinational corporations.

This seems entirely rational, and has value to ethics in overcoming some to the problems inherent in binary systems of ethics – in which a consequence is labeled as good or bad without a sense of the degree of importance or impact. An organizational ethics policy is an announcement to the employees, the customer base and the community as a whole that the business is prepared to conduct itself and its practices on an ethical level.

This is clearly the motivation of conspicuous acts of charity: when a business performs charitable acts, it takes measures to ensure that these actions are publicized in order to gain the benefit of esteem. As a code of conduct, ethics covers the whole human lives and his surroundings which include the relationship of man and his /her fellow man, his society, other sentient being, and his natural environment. These may be valid questions, to their respective branches pf philosophy, but are largely irrelevant to evaluating the ethics of a given situation.

Third, and this is admittedly an indirect extrapolation, that the motivation of an individual to serve his own interests is entirely a matter of psychology that has little importance or interest to ethics. Thus, business can not ignore the importance of code of conduct that regulates their behavior in dealing with their customer, society and environment.

The theory of rights covers entitlements of business partner, customers, communities, and other parties as established by laws, court rulings, and social conventions. I believe I’m part of something bigger – my company, my family, my relationships, my country, my world – and that I have a responsibility to be in service at all times (well, as often as I’m humanly able). The category of greatest interest to ethics are those actions deemed questionable – where an actor seeks to benefit himself and accepts that there are negative consequences to others.