As a global industry that operates in a wide range of jurisdictions including underdeveloped and developing countries, business ethics and anti-corruption are a major focus for the mining industry. Business is tough and competitive, but even tough, competitive games need rules if they are to achieve their purpose. In the context of action , it was concluded that an action is not ethical in and of itself, but the consequences of that action provoke a consideration of the ethics. They seek to establish a process of continuous improvement among institutions of management education in order to develop a new generation of business leaders capable of managing the complex challenges faced by business and society in the 21st century. One way to think about business ethics is in terms of the moral obligations of agents engaged in business activity.

In a short term, there are some perceivable advantages in the terms of profitability however these actions can serve to improve the business brand as well as an increase the profitability over the longer term. Integrity means being ethically unyielding and honest and inspiring trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions. Universal business ethic is an attempt to formulate common business ethic principles that are acceptable by all rational agents and applied to all countries beyond religion, culture, and race.

In 1995 he received the John Gardner Leadership Award from the American Leadership Forum Silicon Valley and in 2007 the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Aspen Institute’s Center for Business Education for contributions to business and society. This is of particular interest when the consequences are to be mitigated in arrears of an action that has caused harm or damage to be done, and there is said to be a responsibility to effect indemnity. But short cuts are rarely the ethical choice, and they certainly aren’t in this case. Keeping balance between its social responsibilities and profit will lead to ethical business.

And oh yes, one further condition that applies in either case above: the policy needs to be likely to actually prevent the behaviour in question. Our goal in the Opus College of Business is to encourage this development in the context of sound policies and practices. Although the primary goal of the company may be to make money, it also recognises that it has a responsibility towards the society in which it operates.

We must keep in mind that when we give or accept gifts, hospitality and entertainment in interactions with business partners or healthcare professionals, this could lead to a conflict of interest and be perceived as a bribe or improper advantage. The concept of business ethics arose in the 1960s as companies became more aware of a rising consumer-based society that showed concerns regarding the environment, social causes and corporate responsibility. We have allocated significant resources to the ethics program and will continue to strive for excellence in this regard. Do We Really Want Businesses to be Good Corporate Citizens?”, Business Ethics Quarterly, 18(1): 1-26.